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I highly recommend Erica Sawers and Cardinal Chiropractic. My second pregnancy was so much more comfortable than my first thanks to her treatment. I went to see Dr. Erica for back pain early in my second pregnancy and I had such good results with only one treatment that I went back to her later in the pregnancy for hip pain. Her treatment not only cured my hip pain, but immediately cured my heartburn! I only wish I had know her during my first pregnancy.

I have been treated by a handful of chiropractors over the years, including a popular prenatal chiropractor during my first pregnancy. I was always somewhat dubious even though I usually had some improvement in my condition. Dr. Erica exceeded all my expectations.
— Jessica M.
I have had nagging pain and popping in my shoulder for about 15yrs (since High school). Recently the pain elevated to a 8 out of 10 and forced me to change how I go about my daily life. I am an avid golfer, runner, gym member and did not want to give up any of my activities. I went to see Dr Sawers because I was interested in A.R.T therapy. I am very happy I did, After the 1st session of A.R.T and Graston I felt much better. By session 7 ( week 3) I was pain free and 90% of my strength is back in the shoulder. Dr Sawers made suggestions on how to improve my posture and gym activities to supplement her therapy. I am now looking forward to my first pain free golf season. My only regret is that I waited so long to make the appointment.
— Jeff M.
I went to Dr. Sawers after having months of pain and inflammation from a near complete extensor tendon tear and tennis elbow. I had seen a physical therapist and occupational therapist with little results. I had never been to a chiropractor before, but my yoga teacher had been treated by Dr. Sawers, and had very successful results. Within the few visits, it was clear I was on the road to recovery. Dr. Sawers skillfully applied A.R.T. therapy, and my range of motion, pain, and strength began to improve. Within two months I was back to my original level of activity. Even my orthopedic surgeon was surprised at my rapid recovery. I highly recommend Dr. Sawers!
— Erin B.
Your 30 minute treatment to me using Active Release Technique was by far the best, most effective and lasting I have had in the 3-4 months since I’ve had this Rotator Cuff Tendonitis! Nobody else I’ve seen has come anywhere near helping me as much!
— Lorraine M.
Dr. Erica Sawers is a highly skilled, personable chiropractor who gets you feeling better fast. I have seen her for treatment of jaw pain with fantastic results. With her background in nutrition and pilates, and her personal commitment to wellness, I do not hesitate to recommend Dr. Sawers to anyone in need of a comprehensive chiropractor.
— Rebecca S.