Murphy's Law or just life

Things don't always go as planned or expected. A healthy mind can respond to challenges with grace, creativity and optimism. Cultivating good feelings and thoughts when things are going well can buffer your heart and mind to times that don't go as well. 

Anxiety has become a state of mind for many. Our brains are wired to pattern after past habits of responding to situations. It takes practice and attention to control those patterns and not let negative emotions get the better of us. 

Accepting a situation for exactly as it is, not controlling or denying the reality in front of me is not easy. We want to move on to better, more comfortable places. Sitting with feelings of disappointment, despair and regret is the only way to move past them. Allowing the mind to move past anger, frustration and blame is the only way to move through and make necessary changes towards growth and empowerment. 

Let nature be a guide. It lets the rain fall, and the sun shine again with no judgement. Everything is as it should be.