Skyscrapers and scrap metal

I took in the sites of New Haven this weekend. 


One very unique (and if I may be judgy here- ugly!) building got me thinking about how this building started as an idea. It was an idea and assumed to be a good one by it's thinker. It started in some one's head that became a sketch, then maybe a model, and as bricks, steel, glass and sheet metal came together over time, a building became a reality. 


Everything in our reality starts with an idea. 


What reality are you creating today that started with an idea when left unquestioned has hardened into a habit and then a lifestyle? When did you start thinking that one thing is GOOD and another thing BAD or ugly. 


Consciously creating ideas becomes the catalyst for laying down the bricks for building the life you want to live. And you get to chose the style, shape and color of that building. And though it may be ugly to some, it's your wild and precious life, so choose with care, it's all that matters. 


Today I'm committed to the ideas that are creating a foundation for a glorious reality to be built. My building is made from the idea that I am worthy and capable of health, happiness, confidence, prosperity and success on my own terms. Some may look at my building and say, oh, too dark, too tall, too flashy, but this is my building, the expression of my truth in the world and that's the gift I'm here to live (and give).

How A Nutritionist Loses 20 Pounds

As seen on MindBodyGreen...

As a nutritionist and health consultant in private practice, I know my stuff. But it takes more than knowing my stuff to reach my own health and wellness goals. Despite the cliché, I have in mind to get into the best shape of my life, AND I have about 20 pounds to lose. I’m planning on success and using these simple tools.

  1. Set a realistic goal. Healthy weight loss is 1-2 pounds per week and I’m a practical person so err on the side of super realistic. One pound a week would be 20 weeks which is about 5 months, almost half a year, a couple of seasons away, so that’s the goal.
  2. Banish the scale. Rather than focusing on the number, I focus on how I feel and how my clothes fit. The most I allow myself to step on the scale is once a week, and even once a month will do.
  3. Healthy stress levels. Out of control stress can cause weight gain and over-eating. Expect that stressful times will come up over the next six months and it’s okay to fall off the wagon and get back up. This is not a zero sum game.
  4. Keep it positive and treat yourself compassionately at all times. This is important so I’ll say it again…TREAT YOURSELF COMPASSIONATELY AT ALL TIMES. Not doing so great with your health routine, just inhaled a burger and milkshake? Start small and start again at the next meal. Don’t give up or feel sorry for yourself for too long (I know we all do this!).
  5. Find good FOOD, and find a diet that works for you. Everyone is different and it might take a little trial and error to figure out what’s best for you. Get professional help if you need it.
  6. Use weight to lose weight. Strength training will help you feel good and get your shape back as the weight starts to come off. Keep some dumbbells on the TV stand if you need to.
  7. And finally, get professional help if you need it, and not just a nutritionist. You may need a coach, therapist, or personal trainer. You are worth it, and your health is important so don’t skimp!